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You can find a good Bialetti espresso pot, in this (espresso maker) web shop. There are several beautiful, good coffee-makers, or coffee pots, from Bialetti.
The Bialetti espresso models really are surprisingly nice! Do have a further look in this espresso coffee web shop.

There is a Bialetti espresso pot for you in the right size.

espresso pot bialetti moka express

price 2 cup: euro 17.75 incl. vat. in NL.

espresso pot model: bialetti moka express

espresso maker bialetti new dama

price 2 cup: euro 21.55 incl. vat. in NL.

espresso maker model above: bialetti new dama

The Bialetti espresso makers above are made of polished aluminium. Bialetti manufactures a better espresso coffee maker than many others do.

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The prices in this web shop are inclusive of the Dutch VAT and exclusive of shipping costs. All other costs for sales abroad, like taxes and duties, are exclusive.

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